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May. 28th, 2008



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May. 9th, 2008


6 Days left..

Today was a boring day.. Woke up early.. feeling hungry and yes.. i had that dream again..

So i went out and look for food in the kitchen.. non could fulfill this cravings.. of what i do not know..

Decided to take a look at the cat scratch wound, to my suprise.. it looks.. healed.. just that it looked kinda.. pale.. like no blood was flowing through that part of my leg.. Strange..

So anyway, today was spent in my room most of the time, watching Tv shows and movies and animes.. Other than that.. i guess theres not much of a news.. Oh.. I can finally go and get my Lune back.. She.. has recovered. How i missed her so much.. So tmr i shall go and fetch her.. And also maybe spend a bit of money for her =) she deserves it after all these times she has been loyal to me.

*Scratches the wound* its still itchy.. maybe i should go and have a doctor to take a look at it..

maybe not.. Hungry... ;_;
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May. 1st, 2008


Curiosity killed the bear..

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As the title said. Ironman is a great movie. Watch it in cinema, u will not regret the whole rm8 for students or rm 11 for non student.

So yea, this is the 6th movie this month. Well the month of April that is. Now is already hari bersalin (direct translation of labour day) hahahaha

The outing was nice, get to meet my anak after almost 2 months. Sizer was genki as ever. Aiko, Izzu, Skypeg and Dyrenz was there also.
Went to eat pizzas at pizza hut after buying the tickets.

Missed few minutes of the show >< didnt get to see the translation of the movie title! WTF><
The movie like i said, was great. 4.5 out of 5 from me.

After movie we went for a drink for a while, then Dyrenz had to go cut his hair. And the rest and i went walking at Sg. Wang then TS. Hang out too damn long there @_@ till almost 8pm.

Then to skybase we went. I think coz of too much laughing. I got a headache.. it was better after i shisha-ed but now its back ._.;;;
Went back at 10.40 via lrt.

All and all the outing was fun cept for the headache part >,<

Not going to write much.. head all @_@;;;


Apr. 28th, 2008



The fact that Malaysian are crazy over animes or japanese stuff is no longer a myth.. it is proven..

errr.. click on the image to view a better size..

I just started downloading gundam 00 this noon.. it finished 5 hours later.. and i started Chuck, 2 days ago.. still not finished.. hahahaha

Aaaaaand.. i forgot what i did today... i woke up with amnesia.. help anyone?

Apr. 19th, 2008


Namememe and Zenderology


Apr. 17th, 2008


and i thought i type fast =/

I SWEAR! ITS THE LAPTOP!!! if desktop will be able to type faster =P

Personality is the soul's gem

Very accurate indeed ._.;;;;

My Personality
Openness to Experience
High levels of stress can lead to you feeling panic or confusion, but usually you cope with day to day pressures, however you feel strong cravings and urges that you have difficulty resisting. You tend to prefer short-term pleasures and rewards over long-term consequences. You lead a leisurely and relaxed life. You would prefer to sit back and smell the roses than indulge in high energy activities. You prefer dealing with either people or things rather than ideas. You regard intellectual exercises as a waste of your time. You are tenderhearted and compassionate, feeling the pain of others vicariously and are easily moved to pity, however you are not adverse to confrontation and will sometimes even intimidate others to get your own way. You find yourself procrastinating and show poor follow-through on tasks. Often you fail to complete tasks - even tasks that you want very much to complete.

Take a Personality Test now or view the full Personality Report.

The best Buying Pet Gifts.

I'm tagging all the Astanagas.. and those who wanna do this meme..

Apr. 12th, 2008


10 years later..

Tagged by the lovely wife, Aiko =)

10 year meme!
Imagine yourself in TEN years time and list down FIVE things that you have/are/have done. Then tag FIVE people with this meme and they'll have to do the same.

1.Being a nomad that i am, every ten years i move to a new city.. LOL.. jk.. i like KL.. so 10 years from now i will have my own place in KL. Apartment or House.

2. Have 1 loli of my own! who i will give love and anything that she needs. Her mum will not be left out also XD In other words, a loving family ;_;

3. Have my own company, owns restaurants, or other businesses. Maid cave anyone?

4. Traveled around the world frequently for business and pleasure. Venice, tokyo, eqypt, and etc..

5. Have lots and lots of moneh!!!

i tag, those who hvnt do this meme.. looks like most of u have done it already..

So anyway, i am off to the International Book Fair and go walk around by myself. I need it.
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Apr. 10th, 2008


Kicking it ol skool!

Getting my guitar today, and yeah, gonna start learning how to play. Bout freakin time if u ask me.. Guess it is in my blood after all, my old man plays and sings. and cause of that he got lots of fans.. kakkoi oyaji ka? ==;;

But yeah, i had a lot of motivation to learn now, being a romantic bugger after get infected by the Secondhand Serenade virus is one of it.. apart from that.. i have this..


FUCK YEAH! Saber Rider theme song in metal! Tokiya, lets perform this song in Comic Fiesta and kick asses while at it! haha. Evil is game with the idea, if u want a lead guitarist, a fren of mine can be one.

And i guess thats pretty much it for now.. ? oh, been writing a new song, will post it up later =D aaaaaand.. hmm damn i feel like i forgotten something.. Ahh, finals in around the corner.. 22nd-24th.. good luck to me..

ugh.. just becoz i'm meeting up with my biological dad, my mum came up and talks about how good my step dad to us, =/ its not like i'm moving out and live with my dad la mum..  ==;; and yea, my dad is still my dad, blood is still thicker than water, i'm sorry if my attitude and thinking is the same as my dad's instead of my step dad, but that is who i am.. i dont wanna be someone else.. If i sleep late, its still me, no? =/ even if i sleep early i would wake up late.. but yeah, not like i do that all the time.. i sleep only for 4 hours.. so what if i missed breakfast that i cooked myself? =P i still help around the house.. i guess too much is never enough for parents.. *sigh*

Its bad enough that u guys dont let me take art for a career, and dont allow me to read comics, play video games and what not. But in the end, those things makes me for who i am.. Though my current parents ruined my dreams, i am still optimistic, i know that everything happens for a reason.. yea.. i guess..

So anyway, i dont completely blame them for being who they are =/ i still love them no matter what, i guess i am that type of person.. ==;; i wonder if i ever have a wife, and she wants everything, i would ended up working my ass off for her.. yeap.. haha.. ._.;;;

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